Monday, 25 September 2017

The blank page

Out of the blue, two kind friends gave me a copy of Colum McCann's Letters to a Young Writer.  Reading it yesterday, I found this:

That blank page can be very scary. We expect so much of ourselves, we are often too scared to write because we have a sinking fear our words won't live up to our expectations. Don't be this person. Be the person that knows it takes many drafts to produce beautiful words. Be the person that writes something small - one sentence maybe - and returns again and again to build on to it. Word-by-word, if need be.  

Monday, 11 September 2017

Memories and Memoir

Newsflash: I am very happy to be featured as a finalist in Field of Words' Memoir Comp. 
You can read the piece here

I'm particularly grateful because this piece of writing concerns an emotional and distressing time of my life and I can now share it with readers. If I have any tips about writing memoir, they are write it like it is. Sometimes the truth on its own is enough. 

Sincere thanks to Field of Words. I have now been a finalist in three of their writing competitions this year, making me a very contented writer!