Thursday, 21 November 2013

Woman at work

As part of the QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program, I spent last weekend holed up in QWC's offices with seven other lovely writers, an inspiring mentor, two of Hachette's publishers, and some of QWC's wonderful staff. I can't really describe what it was like. Half the time I was wondering if I was really there, or whether I would wake up and find it was all a dream. The other half I was perched on the edge of my seat. All of the time I was immensely grateful.

Walking over the Kurilpa Bridge to QWC

The publishers talked to us, and gave us inside information: acquisitions, advances, sales. A bookseller told us, amongst other things, why covers are so very important - I've always said this. And we learned about author platforms, and digital publishing, and how to read our work in public. We found out how to behave if we get invited to writers' festivals (who me?), and how to follow up our one-on-one talks with the publisher. Professionally, of course. No surprises there. 

The feedback I had from the publisher regarding my manuscript Sargasso was invaluable. My manuscript's not perfect, and I have some work to do, but I couldn't be happier. The word "haunting" was used - "a haunting story". Gulp. 

The Kurilpa Bridge at sunset

So you won't see me again for a little while. I'll be bum on the seat, fingers on the keyboard, eyes front. 

Life is good. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013


I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Jessen, winner of the Emerging Author - Manuscript Award, Queensland Literary Awards 2013.

I am hoping to publish this in a literary mag... 

For me, what's been so interesting about it is that I've found out a whole heap of stuff about a girl I knew just a little about... she's charming, delightful, has a disarming smile and can Write (understatement).

I have been restricted to 800 words for the article but I find that I want to know more and more about that creepy? Or is that what happens when you start to delve into a person's life?

And why the picture of the door?  I don't know. I love beautiful doors and to me they signify new beginnings, journeys into the unknown.  I feel this is somehow connected to exploring another person's life.