Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tincture Journal

I am delighted to introduce you to Tincture Journal , a quarterly issue of fiction,
poetry and creative non-fiction edited by Daniel Young.  My lovely young writing friend, Bec
Jessen told me all about them a couple of months ago, and now I am in the latest issue, together with one of her wonderful pieces of prose poetry.  Whoo Hoo.

The piece I wrote is a bit of memoir about both my daughter and my experience with breast cancer. Read to Me was placed second in the Launceston, Tasmania, Literary Awards in 2014, and I had been struggling to find publication for it, but now thanks to Tincture it is available to read online for a small price (a year's subscription is $AU25).  It is very gratifying to see this piece finally being published, and my thanks go to the wonderful team at Tincture. Who are very professional and, um, young. (I find it scary when young people are so brilliant.) 

There is much to like about Issue Thirteen. For a start it has a beautiful cover, and those of you who read my blogs know that in my world covers count for a lot.  There is some wonderful content. I can particularly recommend Bec's piece, field officer no. 302, and Summertime by Grace Heyer. 

I never write a blog without eye-candy but I have been dithering about images. In the end I have chosen something indicative of:

Tincture: to be tinged or imbued with a slight amount of. 

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