Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A little story before Christmas

Two little girls are at my house. They are Asian. I mention this because little Asian kids are uber cute. One is called Lucy, and the younger one Lena.

I ask them about Christmas. I ask them what Santa is bringing them. They say they don't know. 
Lena volunteers, "We get a present from Mum and Dad as well as Santa."
"Oh," I say. "That's cool."
Lucy says, "Last year the present from Santa was wrapped in the same paper as the present from Mum and Dad." She stares at me and flicks the hair out of her eyes. "How is that possible?!"
I pull a face. "I don't know," I say. "How is that possible?" 
"Maybe Santa ran out of paper?" I suggest.
"Santa knows all our names,"  Lucy says.
(As in, you idiot, how could Santa run out of paper when he knows all our names!)

The End

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