Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Guest Post: Welcoming the lovely Jaclyn Moriarty

I've been following the posts of Jaclyn Moriarty on Tumblr for a while now, and last week's was particularly endearing. Anyway, I asked Jaclyn if she would share, and being the generous writer she is, she agreed. 

Jaclyn Moriarty

blogs on Tumblr. (jaclynmoriarty.tumblr.com). She is the author of The Colours of Madeleine trilogy, Feeling Sorry for Celia, The Year of Secret Assignments, and other books. She is the sister of authors, Liane Moriarty and Nicola Moriarty, and other siblings. At the moment, as a countdown to the release of the third book in the Colours of Madeleine trilogy, she is writing a Colours of Thursday blog. Each week she posts a colourful picture and says something about it. She admits that she would like everybody in the world to do the same thing. It doesn't have to be every week, she says. Just when you are feeling colourful. She loves the people who are doing this. (Note to self: Get to it!)  And she reposts her favourite Colours of Thursday posts from around the world. 

Colours of Thursday: I went to Fiji

Hi, it’s me.  I went to Fiji. 
(I see now that I should make this rhyme all the way through.)  

Hey, it’s me
I went to Fiji.
I got back yesterday
I wish I could’ve stayed

Well, that’s shaping up to be a pretty good poem.
But Thursday is giving me this look, like, Uh, what?  (It means it doesn’t want rhymes, it wants colours.) 
Wait, though, Thursday, I thought of some new lines.

I saw a sea snake
It wasn’t a fake
It was real.
(But I didn’t see an eel.)

Okay, Thursday, wait, I’m on fire.

Some days the sky was grey
Why does a donkey bray?
(And not a horse.)

No, seriously, that’s a good question.  

I went snorkelling
A man was chortling
(Somewhere in the world, I’m sure.)

What I mean by that is, I didn’t hear anybody chortle while I snorkelled but I honestly believe that somewhere in the world a man had just heard something funny and was chortling.  I stand by that.

I didn’t see the sea snake while I snorkelled
by the way
I saw it in a restaurant

Read that last line about the waiter very quickly.  Rush the words together.   Thanks.
(It’s true though, we were at a restaurant on the edge of the ocean and snakes kept slithering out of the rocks towards the restaurant!  (Ha, the cable on my desk just gave me a fright, but it’s ok, it’s not a snake, it’s a cable.)  Anyway, crowds kept forming as people rushed from their tables to see these snakes emerging from the rocks onto the grass.  Everyone was taking photos, and looking at each other in amazement.  Most snakes turned around and slithered back into their rocks but one snake kept right on slithering across the grass and into the restaurant!  The excitement was reaching a fever pitch, but then a man with small, round spectacles stood up from his table, plucked the snake from the floor and flung it back onto the rocks.  This happened in a flash.  Everyone was startled.  Then there was a mixed reaction: some were astonished by the man’s quick-thinking and courage - Whoa, that’s the kind of guy you want around in a crisis! these people seemed to say with the expressions on their faces.  Some were worried that the snake might have hurt itself when it landed on the rocks.  How would HE like it if I plucked him from the ground and flung him through the air onto the rocks? is what their expressions said.  And some had that slightly tetchy, annoyed feeling you get when you’re playing an intensely exciting game and then an adult steps in and calls it off.  Well, SURE, it might have been DANGEROUS, and I don’t actually know if these snakes are venomous or not, but WE WANTED TO KNOW SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!!    

I experienced all of these reactions myself.  And later a solemn man explained that sea snakes are one of the most venomous in the world but they have tiny mouths so they can’t actually bite you, unless they get you here: and he pointed to the space between his forefinger and his thumb.)

Okay, well, Thursday is getting snarky now about how there wasn’t a single rhyme in that entire paragraph.   So here are the colourful pictures.  That’s me in the second picture waving at you!  Or wait, maybe I’m not waving, maybe I’m doing a kind of shrug.  Like,
Oh well, too late now,
I’m parasailing
(Not in the garage nailing
a picture to the wall)
Which, honestly, I could have been. 

Pictures by Jaclyn Moriarty

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