Tuesday, 26 May 2015


We went to a friend's farm on the weekend and I took some photos. I took this one on the drive out there in the late afternoon.

I've been looking at it a lot.  I feel peaceful, and happy, looking at it. I remember being in the car with The Loved One, not saying much, just content to be together. I remember asking him to stop, and clambering out on the verge, the grasses brushing against my legs. The long shadows and the light sloping low over the land, and although it was only about four in the afternoon, the chill of winter in the air. I would've liked to have stopped there longer. Turned off the ignition, let the dog out, maybe leaned against the fence. The day was dying and I would've liked to have held its hand.


  1. Gorgeous photo Kathy. The light is spectacular! Where about was this? The drive home from Brisbane to Toowoomba in the late afternoon is pretty special too, the scenery is similar. Love this line 'The day was dying and I would've liked to have held its hand.' Gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks, Bec. Yes, it was the light that got me. This is pretty close to Toowoomba. Our friend's farm is near Esk. All territory you know.