Monday, 15 December 2014

This little piggy

I’ve not posted anything for ages, and the reason is that I’ve been working seriously on my next novel, and the plot, the characters and the setting are all I can think about. In part I owe this burst of creativity to my writing friend, Les, who has been texting me daily and urging me to Do some writing now! Or Go write!  (As an aside, I think everybody could do with a friend like this, but I would really like it if he made a little detour one day, and sms’ed Do some baking now! Or Go eat lemon meringue pie!)

I also owe this burst of creativity to one of my other writing friends, who has very recently signed a two-book contract with Pan Macmillan. Hooley Dooley Yes Indeedy. (And that’s all I can tell you at this point…) But what got me being all creative was that it's a two-book contract, part of the deal is that she must produce the second manuscript by April next year.  Hooley Dooley again.

In one of my more intelligent moments I worked out that I should get cracking on my second manuscript in case the same thing happens to me. I wish. But if it does happen to me at least I’ll be ready; I am currently up to just under 22,000 words of (working title) Charon House. And, yes, it's another Gothic novel.  

What’s interesting here is that I said above “…and the plot and the characters are all I can think about”. I find it nigh impossible to create anything else while I’m writing a novel. I can do redrafts and edits of other work, but think about creating a whole new other story, even a short story—? Uh-uh. Not this little pig. (This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home.)  

I find, too, that I have no interest in reading fiction while I’m writing. Two books are languishing on my bedside table as I write. I don’t need escapism; I don’t want to become involved in some other plot and characters, to be distracted; I have more than enough to think about… 

How do other writers feel? Does this happen to you?

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