Saturday, 9 November 2013


I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Jessen, winner of the Emerging Author - Manuscript Award, Queensland Literary Awards 2013.

I am hoping to publish this in a literary mag... 

For me, what's been so interesting about it is that I've found out a whole heap of stuff about a girl I knew just a little about... she's charming, delightful, has a disarming smile and can Write (understatement).

I have been restricted to 800 words for the article but I find that I want to know more and more about that creepy? Or is that what happens when you start to delve into a person's life?

And why the picture of the door?  I don't know. I love beautiful doors and to me they signify new beginnings, journeys into the unknown.  I feel this is somehow connected to exploring another person's life.

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