Friday, 9 August 2013

Just do it

I threatened somewhere that my blogs wouldn't always be about writing. This one isn't; and so if you don't wish to read on, this is where you bail out.

Yesterday morning the cat ate dog biscuits for breakfast. Why? you may well ask. And no, the answer is not because I am perverted. It is much more simple: because we ran out of cat food (partly due to my jet-lagged, incoherent state of mind). Mischie didn't object. In fact, she tucked in as per usual.  It was the dog that looked perplexed. Why's she eating my biscuits? And then, Is this a habit I'm going to have to get used to? And don't even think about giving me cat biscuits for brekkie.   

No, this is just for today, I told the dog.  But I wondered if the cat would start chasing balls, or develop a tendency to bark at strangers. A day later I am happy to report the cat is still behaving like a cat. (Selfish and arrogant? Actually, no, because our cat is not a typical cat; she's neither of those things because someone gave her a rough start in life and the poor little thing has never quite recovered, but that's another story.)

So what's my point here?  I'm coming to it.  Blame it on jet lag. 

My point is that sometimes it's good to do something you've never done before. I'm not advocating you start eating dog biscuits, I'm suggesting that every now and then (once a year at least) you do something you've never done. Or you haven't done for a long time.

This dog is learning to drive!
It can be as challenging as rock-climbing or learning to speak French - oh la la - or as easy as making a cake (always lick the bowl).  In my case, while I was away I learned to chop wood.  Sound too simple? Give it a try sometime.  And I played Scrabble with my mother, something I haven't done for years and years.

They say doing different things keeps you young. More to the point, it keeps your brain active. I think when you stop accepting challenges, you stop growing mentally.  

If you stop growing mentally, how can you be a good writer?  Ha. 




  1. Jet-lagged? Extended family stays? Tell me there's nothing wrong - then write me another blog instalment? Good stuff!

  2. Great to have you back in the country, Kathy. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. I have been asked to MC two events now - merely because of my radio background - but I get SO nervous speaking in front of a crowd. What to do? I forced myself to do it, after all, what could possibly go wrong?! So far, nothing, although I haven't attempted too many jokes (I'm horrible! Just ask the family)and people really appreciate my stepping up. Not sure if it's a new career, but certainly another string to my bow. Kerri