Saturday, 27 July 2013

Some rules are made to be broken

This Tuesday I will have been away from home for five weeks.  (On Wednesday I begin the long journey home to Australia, the journey that takes me well over 24 hours and halfway round the world.) 

Here's a list of things I am pining for:

pushing my face into the ruff of my dog's neck;

the taste of Wolf Blass's Chardonnay Pinot Noir bubbly;

some different clothes to wear;

The Loved One;

a skinny flat white coffee;

holding a real newspaper in my hands, not a virtual one;

Friday night's pan fried salmon with a sprinkling of Moroccan spice and braised cherry tomatoes and creamy mashed potato;

the smell of my little girl (who's 21);

not being surrounded by poverty and the accompanying guilt.

As writers we're not supposed to make lists;  it's not done according to the experts. Because readers get bored with lists.  Tell me, are you bored?

Some rules are made to be broken. 

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