Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Now and then a story comes by. It comes aknocking on the door, and before you can invite it in the hall rug is jerked from under your feet. Your breath taken away. And your smarts. It leaves you feeling numb, like you been smacked in the mouth. This here is one such tale, a gritty business that surely deserves them five stars. It truly is amazing. 

Some readers might argue the goings on is away too bleak and gut-wrenching miserable for them five stars, but see, it ain’t so much about goings on as it is about them words. They be poetry, and not too many of them, and the ways of nature plain robbed of loveliness and whittled back to splintered bare bone. The people themselves, they live miserable lives in down-at-heel poverty and yet… And yet there be such a spirit of humanity ashining through. This book here is going straight to my Top Ten – like a plump little cherub queue-hopping to heaven. The cover? C'mon you know I always discuss the cover. Well, it don’t exactly thrill me, but it ain’t purty. And that’s the thing, cos this here story sure don’t need no purty cover. 

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