Friday, 24 May 2013


I took quite a few photographs on the weekend. 

We were down at the sea where a friend has a beach house and a collection of sea shells, and other bits and pieces that I liked the look of. 

I had fun arranging the shells and playing around with composition and light. 

There was also a good sunset on Sunday night. 

It struck me that I get a great deal of enjoyment out of mucking around with photography - almost as much as I do out of writing - and I had a think about why that might be. 

I think it's to do with creation. With the act of composing. Composing a sentence and composing a photograph. There are similarities. 

Both require thought and adjustment.
Both require trying out one thing, then discarding it for another. 
...Creating, and stepping back to see the effect. 
...Light, dark and shadows - important in both photography and writing.  
With both you can get too close, and blur the lines. (I like thinking about this in terms of words: when you get too close to your work and can't see anymore what you're trying to say.)  
...Less is more: that seems to be good adage to use both for photography and for writing.  

 Are there any other similarities I've left out?

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