Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Home is where the heart is

I’ve been delighted to discover that almost a year after I started my Gothic novel  - and my post on Melbourne’s architecture - I remain interested in buildings, both commercial and residential.

The first draft of my novel is almost complete, but I’m still intrigued by houses.

And lately it’s been an absorption with old and run-down dwellings, the desolate and the abandoned. 

I thought about the people who lived in and around these houses, some of them no more than shacks, and what they were like and whether they were good people or wicked, and whether they had dreams.

And I thought about where these people might be now. 

Are they dead, or very old?

And I couldn’t help feeling, when I wandered around these houses, that the souls of some of the inhabitants weren’t very far away. 

Or maybe I’ve just been working inside of a Gothic novel for too long...



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