Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Knock, knock

Recently I talked about my love for narrative that takes me on a journey.  Complementary to this is something I noticed about the photographs I’ve taken over the course of the last four months:  I love a good door.

Or a stunning entrance way. Or a foyer.

When I was overseas in February I took several pictures of doors I found in Bruges in Belgium. It seems they love a good door, too. 

And I remembered that in one of my trips to Melbourne, I found some excellent doors. And numbers.

My fascination with doors seems to be the thrill of what lies on the other side. Imagining what goes on behind the door. What's waiting to be discovered.  Anticipation, of course, plays a huge part.

I thought about some of the doors in my street. Behind number nine, for instance, is Elizabeth  who lives with her son, Robert. Elizabeth is in her eighties. Rob was injured in a car accident when he was a little tacker and isn't capable of living on his own. They have a fox terrier called Mick and the pair of them walk him up the street every afternoon at four. Elizabeth always looks very grand; lipstick, lovely dress.  Next door to me is Alice, whose husband has Alzeihmer's and lives in a nursing home. Alice has two daughters, one lives in England and the other here in Brisbane. I think she paints as a hobby. We don't talk much because recently she came over to my side of the garden and without consultation ripped up one of my shrubs that was leaning over the fence between us.

Do you see where I am going with this?    

If you are still wondering what doors and the narrative journey have in common, I'll be honest and admit that I wasn’t sure what the connection was until I started writing this blog. And then because I was writing and thinking about it, ie brainstorming, the answer came to me.
A door is like the cover of a book.  Opening a door is similar to opening a book. Both give you the possibility of a narrative journey, one journey being fictional, the other realistic. 

I spent a little time reflecting on book covers I've loved, covers which thrilled me and made me think about standing and waiting in front of a door. And opening it...   

I've shared some of these covers with you.  

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